Naturopathic, Homeopathy Herbal Natural Products

Plants and minerals have helped prevent and cure diseased conditions. Daily medical ailments of muscle or joint pain, insomnia, obesity or loss of appetite, tiredness have answers in the herbal products.

Reputed & trusted brands Metagenics, Boiron, Homeocan, Swiss, Jameison are some of the many we promote. Due to inadequate research on these plants people are not sure about the usage and benefits. We at Gabriel Drugs are members and hence have online access to, a website that enables to get a complete picture of the various herbs and their interactions with the prescription drugs if any. Our team of experts are ever ready to help serve customers the best possible way.

Too much weight gain complicates the normal physiological process of our body. The idealist program of Ideal Protein, is provided by us. We regularly provide coaching and are also organize seminars on site.

Being able to provide prompt adequate services to our customers is our primary concern.